Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Sends 20 Exceptional Students Abroad Through IISMA 2023, Strengthening Global Academic Ties

Twenty students from the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia have been selected to take part in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program for 2023. These 20 students will be studying at 16 universities, across 10 different countries.
Tuszie Widhiyanti, Ph.D., Head of the International Partnership Development Section of the University’s International Relations Office, accompanied by Siti Nurzihan Nabilla, believes that the IISMA is a great program for students to gain exposure abroad, and is in line with the internationalization programs conducted by the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The experience gained through this program can be applied when these students return to their homeland.
Mrs Widhiyanti added that “the impact of the IISMA program gives benefits to its students by allowing them to learn at top-tier universities around the world, which is in line with the goals of IISMA. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to build networks with Indonesian and international students through various activities such as group meetings with outstanding fellows from all over Indonesia or overseas.”
Out of 146 applicants from the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia for IISMA 2023, 20 were successfully selected – 18 from regular applications and 2 from co-funding applications.