UPI and Kodiklat TNI-AD strengthen synergy between institutions

We now believe that every institution, wherever it may be, requires collaboration to create synergy between institutions. The presence of the Indonesian Army Doctrine, Education, and Training Command (Kodiklat TNI-AD) at the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) is expected to bring benefits to both UPI and Kodiklat-AD.
According to him, “Currently, Kodiklat TNI-AD is in the process of transferring management from the current subject system to the credit system. On one hand, UPI has decades of experience in the field of education. It is hoped that with this collaboration, we can assist Kodiklat so that the process can be faster.”
This statement was made by the Rector of the Indonesia University of Education (UPI), Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd., M.A., in an interview session after an audience with Kodiklat TNI-AD regarding educational cooperation in the Meeting Room of the Partere Building, UPI Campus, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229, Bandung, on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.
“Insha Allah, in this case, UPI has experience in certain fields that can be shared and expected to be beneficial for Kodiklat-AD, and vice versa. We also see a lot of potential, capabilities, and human resources in Kodiklat-AD that we can utilize for the development of education in UPI,” said the Rector.
This is in line with the current policy of Mr. Minister, he added, that encourages lecturers and students to gain experience outside of the campus. Conversely, we highly appreciate practitioners who work in certain fields to provide us with experience, so that this can truly complement the education process at UPI.
The policy on learning now has a very broad understanding, including that learning does not always have to be formal on campus.
Furthermore, he said, “So I see there is a tremendous benefit that, God willing, if this is implemented in the form of cooperation, it will bring blessings and benefits to both parties.”
Perhaps cooperation has already occurred, said the Rector, but maybe it has been more personal, more individual. We hope that with the strengthening of institutional cooperation, the cooperation can be more optimal and provide maximum contribution.
“To make it more serious, first of all, we need to explicitly state this cooperation in the form of a MoU, and God willing, this MoU will be followed up with various Cooperation Agreements (PKS) that will be developed by the team, both from UPI and Kodiklat team,” said the Rector.
Because I see so many areas that can be collaborated on between UPI and Kodiklat AD, the Rector continued, it needs to be translated into concrete activities.
In the Kodiklat TNI-AD environment, many people have extraordinary experience, but unfortunately, they are not formally recognized. The implication of this cooperation is expected to provide recognition.
Therefore, he continued, there needs to be a change in recognition as well, meaning that the experiences of the soldiers should be documented.
“If there is no documentation, it is difficult to be recognized. Therefore, perhaps in the future, every job will have documentation, so that we can easily recognize these extraordinary experiences,” concluded the UPI Rector.”