UPI andCFBT Brunei has launched REAL Research Monograph

Bandung, UPI

Research English as an ASEAN Language (REAL) Research Monograph has been inaugurated by four researchers of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) collaborating with five researchers of Center for British Teachers (CfBT) Brunei at Partere UPI building on, Tuesday (28/2/2017).

“REAL Research Monograph is a monograph of recorded research on the investigation of English language usage as an official language in ASEAN. The research is an implementation of MoU contract between UPI and CfBT Brunei. The articles in the monograph cover some information about English language teaching for the teachers to know; that English language is not a threat yet a medium to distribute thoughts.” said the REAL Research Director of UPI, Drs. H. Herli Salim, M.Ed., Ph.D.

The team personnel of UPI are Dr. Wahyu Sundayana, MA., Gin Gin Gustine, Ph.D., and Sudarsono, MA. Meanwhile, Brunei representatives were chaired by Dr. Greg Keaney, Ms. Robyn Elmi, Mr. Dave Laming, Ms. Jean Kiekopft, and Mr. Rob Tunnel.

Beside in an aim of implementing the MoU between UPI and CfBT, REAL is purposed to gain input solution for ASEAN organization to unite as a community after English is approved to be an ASEAN official language. Moreover, REAL is conducted to discover the issues of adversities of English language teaching in each country members of ASEAN community (one of the articles entitled The Effect of English Language Appointment as an Identity of Nationality).

Further confirmed that REAL produced an ISBN monograph book covering the published articles in presiding seminar of Conaplin UPI, ICREAM Roi Et Rajabhat seminar of Uni Thailand, and one article has been published in IJAL UPI journal, and one other is in an article publishing process in Scopus-indexed TESOL Australia. REAL has derived the funding from UTU skim and in kind funding from CfBT Brunei. This is great for supporting UPI’s performance in ASEAN countries.

CfBT is a nonprofit institution concerning in the improvement of English language teaching around the world. The institution name is now converting to be “Education Development Trust”. Dr. Greg Keaney whose office is in Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam is the head for Pacific Asia region.

Meanwhile still in the same occasion, Rector of UPI Prof. Furqon expressed his pleased impression to support REAL Research Monograph launching. “This monograph was arranged by hardworking, careful consideration and professional sacrifice of the team of all the researchers.” he said.

“University (UPI, red.) will keep encouraging the faculties to publish (their research articles) jointly. I really appreciate this launching. Hopefully, other faculties can do the same thing. This is an activity that we support; the UPI faculties collaborate with many institutions of diverse countries to jointly improve the quality of the teachers, of the educators, and else.” Prof. Furqon added, “Indeed, the good research will end up on an application, not only on a form of report. Thus, we encourage the faculties to conduct many more excellent researches. We attempt to give the support at capacity, especially in the policy and funding affairs by the rules.”

The articles within REAL Research Monograph are divided into three topics. First is English Language Teaching in ASEAN: an account of problems and prospects. This topic elucidates the teaching of English language in ASEAN in. Since English is the international language of ASEAN, English become the second language in ASEAN country. In the methods of distributing questionnaire and interviewing, this research discovers that teaching English in ASEAN is a special challenge.

Second is Teaching English in ASEAN: the voices of English teachers in ASEAN nations. This topic clarifies how the teachers comprehend the position of English language in ASEAN. Focusing on how the teachers can be built into professionals. Besides, it questions since English language is a national identity, would it destruct the local language?

Third is Colleagueship and Professionalism in Inter-institutional Cooperation: International collaboration in research. This topic focuses on self-reflection on how to join in a joint research and collaboration with other researchers from different institution and different countries.

Translated from: http://berita.upi.edu/?p=12533
By Nadya Mufida Ulfa
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