UPI Awards 2021: Introduce UPI on the International Stage

The Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held a UPI Award Ceremony presenting an International Award which was one part of the series of events for the 67th UPI Anniversary. The award was given to Prof. Tatsuya Kusakabe, Center for Study of International Cooperation in Education (CSICE) Hiroshima University, Japan, and Mr. Kofi Incoom Enchill, Executive Director, Fransgeor Consult, Accra-Ghana on Tuesday, (09/112021). This International Award event is the second time held by UPI.

The award given to Prof. Tatsuya Kusakabe is due to his contribution in introducing UPI in the international arena such as involving UPI in the International Colloquium with the University of Hiroshima and the University Sains Malaysia. For the award given to Mr. Kofi Incoom Enchill is because visitors praised the cooperation between UPI and other universities in Ghana, to universities in Africa. (Agita Fadilah, Journalism 2019)

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