UPI Conducts Archiving Supervision and Promotes Digital Transition for Non-Academic Units

Bandung, UPI – The supervision of archiving implementation serves as a follow-up to the internal archiving inspection results within the non-academic units of UPI in 2022. It also serves as a form of guidance for archiving management within non-academic units before the Internal Archiving Audit in 2023. The targeted units for this activity are non-academic work units, except for the Directorate of Renor, the Directorate of Student Affairs, and the General Services Bureau.

This event took place on September 6, 2023, with the aim of promoting awareness regarding archiving practices and management to various work units. It also involves planning the transition from conventional archives to digital archives. Archives encompass records of activities or events in various forms of media, in accordance with the development of information and communication technology, created and received by state institutions, local governments, educational institutions, and other entities involved in community, national, and state life.
The topics covered include:
a) Archiving Management by Asep Mulyana, S.AP., M.Pd.
Discussion of legal regulations (laws, government regulations, ministerial regulations, and university regulations) that govern archiving practices in higher education, specifically at UPI.
b) Archive Creation by Saepuddin, S.IP.
Exploration of the process of creating and receiving documents as evidence of activity or work implementation, in accordance with legal regulations and archival principles.
c) Archive Storage and Arrangement by Tini Kartini, S.Pd.
Examination of the processes involved in storing and organizing active and inactive archives to ensure easy retrieval as informational materials or evidence during work implementation, following legal regulations and archival principles.
d) Archive Disposal by Agun Gunawan, S.T. and Dra. Ela Rosalina
Explanation of the archive disposal process, including the transfer and destruction of archives in compliance with legal regulations and archival principles.