UPI Journal and Publication Office Holds National Journal Accreditation Training with the target of increasing the achievement of accredited UPI journals

Scientific publications are currently undergoing major changes, which arise due to the transition from print publishing formats to electronic formats. The current general trend is that access to electronic scientific journals is provided openly. This means that more and more scientific publications can be accessed for free via the internet, both provided by the journal publishers, and those provided by the authors of the journal articles themselves.

In order to improve the quality of the substance of journal articles, journal management, and journal accessibility within the Indonesian University of Education, the UPI Publication Journal Office (KJP UPI) periodically organizes trainings that aim to help improve the quality of publications and improve the achievements of UPI journals accredited by the Ministry of Education. , Culture, Research, and Technology.

Referring to the accreditation provisions of Kemdikbudristek journals, the application for accreditation of scientific journal publications is carried out for two types, namely submission of accreditation for new journals and submission of journal reaccreditation. Following up on this, the UPI Journal and Publication Office held online training on accreditation of new journals and reaccreditation of journals whose accreditation period had finished online on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 with Dr. Yana Setiawan, S.Pd., MM who discussed the procedures and stages of submitting the Digital Reference Garba index as a requirement for journal accreditation as well as filing for accreditation and reaccreditation of Kemdikbudristek journals.

The journal accreditation and reaccreditation training held by the UPI Journal and Publication Office was attended by 54 journal managers from various study programs within UPI. Officially, the training activity was opened by the Director of International Affairs of UPI (Directorate of International Affairs (DIA), Prof. Ahmad Buchori Muslim, Ph.D. Further explaining that this journal training activity was held for managers of scientific journals at UPI in order to respond to the importance of indexing. in journals as a way of disseminating national and global publications Dr. Eng. Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, ST, M Eng as Head of the UPI Journal and Publication Office emphasized that this training activity is also important for UPI journal managers in order to maintain and improve the quality Journal publications at UPI (UPI Journal and Publication Office) UPI Journal and Publication Office Organizes Asia Summer Camp 2022

Journal and Publication Office headed by Dr. Eng. Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, ST, M.Eng organized writing-based Asia Summer Camp 2022 activities scientific articles. Activities are held online with the title ‘Asia Summer Research Camp 2022: Encouraging Students and Researchers in Realizing Research Output through Innovation, Collaboration, and Publication”.

The program, which is carried out through an online platform, brings together students and writers from all over Asia. The main goal is to increase UPI’s cooperation at the international level and to improve UPI’s image, especially in the publication of scientific papers.

Asia Summer Camp 2022 will be held in 11 sessions or 5 this week with various presenters who are experienced in the process of writing scientific articles, this activity is carried out every Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 12.
Asia Summer Camp 2022 session 1 and 2 in the first week starting on Saturday and Sunday, September 24 and 25, 2022 was officially opened by the Vice Chancellor for Research, Cooperation, and Business Prof. Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Maftuh, M.Pd., MA

The event which was attended by 73 participants from abroad featured the speaker of session 1 Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, PhD and the speaker of session 2 is Dr. Nia Nafisah, SS, M.Pd with the moderator guiding Dr. Nur Indri Rahayu, M.Ed.