UPI Living Allowance Scholarship (UPI-LAS)


Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Living Allowance Scholarship (UPI LAS) aims provide financial support for international students who pursue postgraduate (master or doctoral) degrees at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. UPI LAS is granted for the maximum of two semesters (3rd & 4th semester for master student and 5th & 6th semester for doctorate student). It is also limited to students from eligible developing countries who has  good achievements at previous semesters  determined by the selection committee.

Terms and Conditions
Every successful applicant of UPI LAS must accept the terms and conditions set up in the application guidelines as binding.

In order to be eligible for UPI LAS, applicant must have completed the first semester with minimum GPA 3.0. In addition, s/he has to submit a letter of declaration that s/he does not have any financial support from other sources. UPI reserves the right to admit qualified applicants who have other sources of income to the program without granting them a full scholarship.

The application must be submitted in English on the appropriate online form provided by the Directorate of International Affairs before the deadline. The required documents can be seen in the table below:

Table 1. Documents for UPI LAS Application*
Degree Letter of Non-financial support Declaration Curriculum vitae Copy of passport Copy of the last degree certificate Copy of Academic Transcript Research proposal
*Send the documents to admission@upi.edu

Scholarship is granted by the Board of Directors of UPI LAS on the basis of the application submitted by the candidate. The Board reserves the right to instate a selection committee or obtain an additional external expert’s opinion on the research project of the doctoral applicant. No applicant may claim automatic entitlement to a scholarship.

Stipend and Methods of Payment
The stipend for the scholarship is IDR 1,800,000 (per month). This includes mandatory fees of health insurance (IDR 300,000) and dormitory (IDR 1,000,000) per month. The stipend is paid in three-monthly instalments, payable in advance, into an account stipulated by the scholarship holder.
The scholarship ends:
a) at the end of the granted period of time
b) within the granted period of time at the end of the month in which the scholarship holder submits his or her thesis/dissertation at the university
c) on the day that the scholarship holder abandons his or her thesis/dissertation to enter into a contract of employment that runs counter to the regulations listed below
d) within the granted period of time at the end of the semester in which the scholarship holder fails to obtain minimum GPA of 3.0.
e) within the granted period of time at the end of the semester in which the scholarship holder decides to stay outside the dormitory.

Part-time work and other sources of income
A student who, apart from working on his or her thesis/dissertation, undertakes full-time or nearly full-time employment, is excluded from the scholarship program. The student is allowed to accept paid work at a university as a teaching assistant or in a comparable role, or outside the university for up to eight hours per week, subject to consultation with Directorate of International Affairs. In any case, this income may not exceed IDR 3,000,000 per month. Any income over and above this sum can be deducted from the monthly stipend.

Repayment of the stipend
The scholarship constitutes a stipend that does not have to be repaid. The recipient shall be obligated to repay the stipend in its entirety or in part only if the scholarship was obtained under false pretences in the form of incomplete or wilfully misleading information.

The scholarship holder undertakes to inform Directorate of International Affairs at any time should there be a change in the circumstances or conditions by which the scholarship and the amount of the stipend were granted.

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