UPI REKTOR: All UPI Academics Ready to Support Digital Population Identity Transformation

Bandung-UPI. The Population and Civil Registration Office of Bandung city conducted socialization activities for the academic community with the theme Dukcapil Goes to Campus. This activity was held at the Ahmad Sanusi Building of the Indonesian Education University. The purpose of this activity is to implement Digital Population Identity (IKD) for the people of Bandung and provide services in making digital ID cards (29/3/23).

The activity began with singing the Indonesian national anthem and prayer, and continued with remarks from the Rector of the Indonesian Education University Prof. Dr. H. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd., M.A., He expressed his gratitude to Dukcapil for facilitating the implementation of Digital Population Identity by the government. “The entire academic community of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is ready to support the digital transformation of population administration,” said the Chancellor in his speech.

“It is hoped that all levels of disdukcapil will increase the ball pick-up service to complete the recording of beginners and people who do not have KTPs. The Dukcapil of the Ministry of Home Affairs has implemented a Digital Population Identity innovation called Digital ID,” continued the Rector.

Furthermore, the Rector emphasized that the Digital ID will make it easier for people to access public services and requests for population document services can be done online. Hopefully this activity can be carried out optimally for 3 days with 15 IKD service points including UPI Kamda and can accommodate as many participants as possible consisting of lecturers, employees and students.

In his speech, the Mayor of Bandung, H. Yana Mulyana, S.E., M.M., affectionately known as Kang Yana, expressed his appreciation for the Bandung Civil Registration Office (Dukcapil) for their innovation in providing services to the public. “Alhamdulillah, digitization is running smoothly. Hopefully, this is our effort in providing citizenship rights for the community to obtain public services,” said Kang Yana.

Dr. Teguh Setyabudi, M.Pd., the Director General of Dukcapil, also expressed his gratitude to the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and representatives of universities in Bandung. “On behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs, I would like to express my highest appreciation to the UPI Rector for the implementation of Dukcapil Goes to Campus, especially with a target of at least 10,000 students,” he said in his speech.

Teguh Setyabudi explained that the role of Dukcapil will become increasingly strategic and important in the future. Dukcapil is a source of services for both government and private services. “Regarding the Dukcapil Goes to Campus activity at UPI, this is our effort to introduce and implement government policies related to citizenship document services through the creation and activation of the Digital Identity Card (IKD).”

This activity at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is certainly a hope for the government sector that students and the academic community will activate their IKD. The Mayor of Bandung also invited all UPI residents to immediately access their IKD. “Hopefully, all UPI students will have a Digital Identity Card. The hope is that it will be easier to obtain public services provided by various government agencies and other public services because it is greatly facilitated. So, hopefully, friends will soon access this IKD,” said Kang Yana in an interview.

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