UPI Softball Teams Shine at UGM Softball Cup 2023, Bringing Home Gold and Bronze Medals

Yogyakarta, June 6, 2023 – The UGM Softball Cup 2023, a national-level intercollegiate softball championship, has concluded successfully at the UGM Softball Field in Yogyakarta. The men’s and women’s softball teams from the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) delivered outstanding performances in this tournament, achieving remarkable accomplishments for UPI by bringing home gold and bronze medals.

The UPI men’s softball team, consisting of 14 athletes, and the UPI women’s softball team, consisting of 16 athletes, underwent intensive training and centralized practices to prepare themselves for this competition. In an effort to popularize baseball and softball in Indonesia, particularly in West Java, UPI, as one of the state universities in the region, feels responsible for continuously improving the sporting achievements in this field.

The UPI softball competition kicked off on May 27, with the UPI women’s team facing off against the UNHAS team, ending in a narrow 4-3 victory for the UPI women. The UPI men’s team also displayed an impressive performance, winning their first match against the UNDIP team with a score of 3-2.

Throughout the competition, the UPI women’s team secured four consecutive victories, guaranteeing their spot in the final to compete for the gold medal. In the final match against the UGM team, the UPI women’s team showcased dominance with an 8-1 victory, securing the gold medal and becoming the champions of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the UPI men’s team also put on an impressive display by winning five matches before suffering their only defeat in the final match against the UNHAS team. Nonetheless, the UPI men’s team managed to secure the bronze medal with an exceptional performance.

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