UPI Student Raudhatul Jannah Selected as Merdeka Campus Ambassador for the 2023 Student Exchange Program

Bandung, UPI – Raudhatul Jannah, a student from the 2020 class of the Bachelor’s Program in Early Childhood Education (S1 PGPAUD), has achieved a remarkable feat by being selected as the Campus Merdeka Ambassador representing the Merdeka Student Exchange Program (PMM) for the year 2023 throughout Indonesia. Previously, in 2022, Raudhatul participated in the second batch of the student exchange program at the University of Muhammadiyah Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi. On September 8, 2023, at the Achmad Sanusi Building of UPI, Raudhatul Jannah welcomed and conducted a sharing session with 487 students participating in the third batch of the Student Exchange Program (PMM).

During the sharing session, Raudhatul extended her congratulations to the students who were selected for the Campus Merdeka Program. PMM carries the motto “Temporary Exchange, Permanent Meaning.” Raudhatul assured the students that they would gain valuable experiences, saying, “Many things that you won’t find in your hometown, you will find here in the land of Pasundan. You will encounter the beautiful nature created by God and realize the vastness of Indonesia. You will feel rich, proud, and have a deep love for your homeland.”

Furthermore, Raudhatul Jannah emphasized that this program challenges students to think critically about issues such as regional disparities, uneven infrastructure development, and the differences in societal character through their learning experiences at UPI, Bandung.

“You are the extended hands of information; PMM is precious not only in terms of material but also in terms of knowledge,” Raudhatul stressed to the Merdeka Student Exchange Program participants. She also expressed hope that these students would provide feedback based on their PMM experiences, such as sharing with friends and relatives, posting on social media, or producing something like articles, videos, or other creative works.