UPI’s Competitive E-Nolator Ready to Win Again the PLN ICE Trophy 2022

Innovation and Competition in Electricity (ICE) State Electricity Company (PLN) is a form of competition that is routinely held by PT. PLN every year in order to capture innovative ideas in the electricity sector.

In 2022, PLN’s ICE activities are divided into two competition categories. First, the category of competition for the conversion of BBM to electric motors. Second, the category of equipment design and business programs in electricity-based agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations and fisheries (Electrifying Agriculture).
This competition is a form of real contribution in accelerating the battery-based electric vehicle program (Battery Electric Vehicle). In addition, the Electrifying Agriculture competition is expected to give birth to innovations in equipment and modern business programs by utilizing technology to increase productivity in agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations and fisheries.

This conversion is also one of the steps in preparing for independence in energy security, through import-based energy to domestic-based, in order to accelerate the formation of an electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia and accelerate the achievement of the Carbon Neutral target by 2060. 

Meanwhile, Electrifying Agriculture is a lifestyle change. farmers to take advantage of current and future technology, so that the agricultural sector will be more advanced, economical and more environmentally friendly.
The E-Nolator (Electric Neo Classic Motorcycle) is the result of the innovation of the UPI Competitive UKM motorbike conversion that passed the PLN ICE final in 2022. This E-Nolator innovation is an effort to improve the quality of motorcycles that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The E-Nolator is a classic and futuristic electric motorcycle that can be used to travel long distances. The final assessment of PLN ICE for 2022 will be held on October 18-20, at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Hopefully E-Nolator can repeat UPI’s Competitive achievements at PLN ICE in 2021 which won first place in the innovation category of electric bamboo bicycles and three-wheeled electric vehicles (Yuyun Rohayati)

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