Valuable Learning from the University of North Sumatra

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia which consists of the Secretary of the University (SU), Prof. Dr. Memmen Kustiawan, Head of Public Relations Office, Prof. Dr. Deni Darmawan, Head of the Secretariat of the University Dr. Archiana Damayanti, along with SU staff Mr. Ikbal and Mrs. Yulianti Sartika made a visit to the University Secretariat, University of North Sumatra (USU), September 21-23 2022. Studying at USU can be a valuable learning experience, especially regarding the Scope and Sequence of the Public Relations Sector which is very important. comprehensive in the areas of Secretariat, Protocol, and Promotional Strategy.

The existence and involvement of students in promotional activities at USU empowers students more with personal strategies by the Branding Coordinator in Public Relations. Likewise, the formation of a budget provision group for students in the form of monthly transportation for USU TV which involves students, so talents emerge and contribute to Public Relations through TVUSU. Likewise with Social Media Management, where students are prepared to provide monthly funding support to contribute content so that their products are very competitive and good. For routine publication of press releases in USU’s Public Relations, it is carried out weekly and routinely with a number of partner journalists and media, totaling 40 mass media.

There is a very interesting Best Practices from USU Public Relations, namely the Faculty Public Relations, where USU Public Relations has a very dynamic and quality contribution to a number of news and realists from the faculty level and not only in the form of website operators. This possibility is an opportunity that can be done by UPI Public Relations, where strategies and approaches to reactivate Public Relations from faculties which are not only “Seasonal” contributions but are structured to be formally managed and included in the RKAT management of the Public Relations Office. This is very important to pursue and learn from the Achievement of the Public Relations Award for Higher Education, where USU was able to achieve the AHD (Humas Dikti Award) for the Most Popular Dikti Personnel. Thus the core of strength for the field of public relations is the existence and support of an adequate RKAT. However, Alhamdulillah, UPI Public Relations has done its best to show the achievements of public relations in this archipelago.

Of course, program support is very much determined by the strength of the funding it has, this is of course how each PTNBH university has an adequate strategy in governance and program budget. Likewise, a number of work units under the auspices of the University Secretariat Office at USU also cover the Archives Division, with 10 archivists. Another interesting experience regarding the performance of ULT which handles information services that must complete the service for 1 hour optimally is completed. There is an interesting experience where the Law Office is not in the SU coordination line, where the Law Office is managed separately.

The above condition was confirmed by the Secretary of the University of USU who explained about the area of ​​​​120 hectares of land managed by USU. Of course, this is very potential, especially when USU carries out the promotion process, including in managing the Administration of Official Letters which was developed in the form of e-administration. The work unit under the coordination of the University Secretary is the same as at the Indonesian Education University. Hopefully the lessons from USU will give birth to a strategic forum between PTNBH or PTN BLU and PTN Satker in the spirit of advancing universities throughout Indonesia. So that efforts to improve the performance and achievements of the University Secretary organ for PTNBH are even better.