Vice Regent of Bandung: UPI DKV Study Program Students Must Creatively Target the Market

Vice Regent of Bandung, H. Sahrul Gunawan, S.E., has urged students of Visual Communication Design (DKV) program at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Indonesia University of Education (UPI), to be creative in order to target the market. He acknowledged the gap that sometimes exists between those in need of services and the experts, in this case, the students. Gunawan made these remarks during an interview after delivering a speech at the FINDER 5th: GAMALARA talk show, organized by the DKV program as part of its fifth anniversary celebration.

The event was held on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at the National Education Museum Open Theater on the UPI campus in Dr. Setiabudhi Street No. 229, Bandung. “I think it’s amazing that at the age of 5, FINDER 5th: GAMALARA could color the education world in West Java. I think it’s really cool. Indonesia needs creators and this is in line with the demand, so in the future, they will certainly be more competent and competitive in society,” said Gunawan. “Five years old is such an adorable age when children learn to walk, talk, and be cute. I hope it grows and develops into something even better,” he added.

Furthermore, Gunawan suggested that students could enter the creative industry as a business while pursuing their studies, so they can blend their skills with the needs of the market. He pointed out that there is a common misconception that creative services are expensive or the capacity of the creators is not worthy of sales or the marketing strategy is average. In fact, it’s not like that, he clarified. He encouraged the students to communicate better with their potential clients, especially the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), to offer their services to create content.

Gunawan hopes that the DKV students of the FPSD UPI can continue to provide the best for the surrounding community and that they will succeed. He also wished success for the UPI leaders and the entire academic community, especially the DKV program. FINDER 5th: GAMALARA is a student event organized by the DKV program at the FPSD UPI. Through this event, students are invited to channel their emotions through innovative presentations in workshops, competitions, and showcases.

The event also features seminars and performances by musicians from the DKV program in the Greater Bandung area. The event was held from Tuesday to Thursday.

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