VISITING LECTURER: A Valuable academic experiences

A report of Dr. Heny Djoehaeni, S.Pd., M.Si/ a lecturer of Early Childhood Education Graduate School Study Program UPI

Having an opportunity to join Visiting Lecturer in National Dong Hwa University,Taiwan was an unforgettable experience. The program that was held as a follow up program of MoU signing between Early Childhood Education Graduate School study program UPI and Early Childhood Education Department The Hua-Shih College of Education National Dong Hwa University, gained full support from the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Asep Kadarohman, M.Pd.

The Visiting Lecturer was performed in a fairly short time; however, all planned activities could be done well. A research sharing activity with students master and lecturers was also very fun. They showed their enthusiasm while they were discussing. The differences of early childhood systems became an interesting discussion.

A School Visit activity that carried out in the Laboratory NDHU Kindergarten – one of the Public Kindergarten in Hualien city- enriched knowledge about Early Childhood Education in a country which covers almost the equivalent of West Java Province. The adequate facilities and good quality of human resources became the preliminary modality for optimal implementation of early childhood education. Besides, the teacher’s welfare is very concerned.

Library became the next target. Literature on Early Childhood Education that is very complete, it served sufficient materials in writing articles and improving the developing variety of learning material in the lecture. The writing article is done in collaboration with Dr. Alice Chen and Yeni Rachmawati – a doctorate student of UPI who is studying there. The support from Yeni Rachmawati for Visiting Lecturer program added more value.

The richer academic experiences are gained as the opportunity to attend a conference and a workshop in a community under the guidance in which Dr. Nancy Liem opened. A meeting attended by some Indonesian representatives who have been staying there for several years was an interesting thing. Likewise, the opportunity to attend a scientific meeting like Focus Group Discussion from a research involving three countries namely Taiwan, Finland, and Hong Kong was also a valuable experience.

Gaining so many academic experiences made this Visiting Lecturer Program seemed very short. The peaceful, orderly and comfortable atmosphere of the campus arose longing to come back here. The exchange students or the transfer knowledge that occurred has enriched knowledge and desires to constantly self-develop. Hopefully, this program could be continued by involving different lecturers and others institutions. Therefore, it could have a significant impact towards the quality of Study Program to support Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in becoming one of the World Class Universities. (retrieved form:, translated by Rifa Rahmania, edited by Nadya Mufida Ulfa).


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