About Bandung

Bandung is the capital city of West Java province. It is located approximately 150km from the capital city of Indonesia that is Jakarta. It will take around two hours to reach Bandung from Jakarta through Cipularang Highway. Bandung is much cooler than Jakarta, its average daily temperature of Bandung is around 20-28 ºC. It is because Bandung located 768 meters above the sea level. The cool weather that Bandung has made Bandung to be one of  good places to spend the holidays.

Back then, Bandung is planned to be a capital of the Netherlands Indies in the Dutch colonial era. This is the reason why there are lots of building that has Dutch architecture. The side of the roads is planted with many trees which made it looked more peaceful, also there are lots of fashion shops providing the fashions. It becomes the reasons why Bandung is called as Paris van Java. Some remnants of the golden era of Bandung are Gedung Sate and Villa Isola.

There are three state universities, and also lots of private colleges located in Bandung. Those universities attract a large number of students from all around Indonesia and also from outside Indonesia. Those students have added the diversity of Bandung people.

Bandung or West Java province has its cultural race which is called as Sundanese people. Sundanese has its own language called Sundanese language. Sundanese people are known as a friendly, kind and polite people. That is the stereotyped given to Sundanese people.

West Java province or especially Bandung has its unique traditional music instruments. There are ‘kecapi’, ‘suling’, ‘gamelan’, and many more. This music instruments could give us a different music experience when we hear it because of the smoothness of the melody or the uniqueness of the sound that the instruments have made.  There is a musical instrument that usually could attract the interest of foreign students or tourists when they saw or heard it. It is called ‘Angklung’. Angklung is made by bamboo and consist of several bamboos that are represented different note each of it. There is a cultural show which is famous among Sundanese people called ‘Wayang Golek’ (wooden puppet). Sundanese people used Wayang Golek to tell an epic play such as “Mahabrata” and it is accompanied by an orchestra called Gamelan.