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Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) which was formerly known as the Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) is a division at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) which aims to support the internationalization goals of the university and to manage international mobility involving local and international students, faculty members, and other academics.

DIA is responsible for helping international students and scholars handle their study issues at UPI as well as cope with living in Bandung and connecting the university academics with those from overseas universities.


Direktorat Urusan Internasional (DUI), yang sebelumnya dikenal sebagai Office of International Education and Relations (OIER), adalah divisi di Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) yang bertujuan untuk mendukung tujuan internasionalisasi universitas dan mengelola mobilitas internasional melibatkan mahasiswa lokal dan internasional, anggota fakultas, dan akademisi lainnya.

DUI bertanggung jawab untuk membantu mahasiswa dan cendekiawan internasional mengatasi masalah studi mereka di UPI serta beradaptasi dengan kehidupan di Bandung dan menghubungkan akademisi universitas ini dengan mereka dari universitas di luar negeri.

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  • International Faculty is a program that connects and associates foreign lecturers at UPI. These lecturers teach and conduct research in some majors or programs for, at least, a year or more. There are 9 foreign lecturers: one teaches in International Program of Science Education (IPSE), three teach in Korean Education, one teaches in Dance Education, one teaches in Japanese Education, one teaches in Faculty of Sports and Health Education, one works for Journal Office, and the last one teaches ecourse Korean Study, a joint program between UPI and Kyung Hee University.
  • Visiting scholar is a program that welcomes international scholars to spend time at UPI to share their research and expertise, and/or gives lectures to UPI’s academic community. It is an effort to assist and improve the quality of the learning and teaching process to achieve UPI’s vision and missions as well as a part of the university’s endeavor for internationalization.
  • International Student Program 
  1. SEA- Teacher is a program offered for pre-service student teachers from universities across Southeast Asia to enhance their teaching skills through teaching practicum experiences. This one-month program is a collaboration project between SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) and its eleven member countries to improve the quality of education in the ASEAN region
  2. Darmasiswa RI is a non-degree scholarship program for international students who come from countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia to study the Indonesian language, culture, arts, music, dance, and crafts. It is organized by Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Ministry of Education and Culture) in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students who join this scholarship program will get a monthly allowance that covers the living expenses, books, local transportation, health insurance, and pocket money.
  3. KNB (Developing Countries Partnership) is a scholarship program provided by the Indonesian government to graduate students (Master Degree) to study at one of the universities in Indonesia for 3 years, consisting of 1 year to learn the Indonesian language and prepare a Master degree program, and 2 years to complete the master program. The courses offered at the KNB scholarship program are the humanities, engineering, social sciences, sciences, and education. Students who join this program will receive a monthly allowance that covers living expenses, money for research needs, and book allowance.
  4. (Funded Language Assistant Program ) In Victoria, Australia. The Language Assistants Program is a longstanding initiative of the Australian Department of Education and Training that places native-speaking graduates from France, Germany, Indonesia, and Spain in Victorian government schools for a school year to support language programs. Until 2020, UPI has joined the program 10 times and sent 8-10 participants each year. As native speakers with a language education background, our main task is to support local teachers in implementing and developing Indonesian culture. Language assistants support qualified language teachers to provide authentic language and cultural experiences for students. This includes, but is not limited to, team-teaching, providing small group or individual student language support, engaging students in online language learning, and offering linguistic and cultural advice. In 2020, there were eight participants who were qualified to join this program. The participants were the alumni from the Faculty of Language and Literature Education: three from Indonesian Language Education and five from English Language Education. The language assistants were assigned to different school levels, ranging from elementary to high school.
  5. Student exchange program is a program where the students study domestic/abroad in one of UPI’s partner universities. The student will pursue education for at least one semester or more. This program may involve domestic or international travel to study culture-related courses.
  6. PPL SILN is a teaching practice program where students are transferred to the School of Indonesia overseas to practice and build the teaching experience for 2-3 months. This program is managed by Pendidikan Profesi Guru dan Jasa Kependidikan (PPGJK) UPI and Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) UPI. In 2020, there were 53 students from some majors in UPI who participated in this program and were sent to 5 Schools of Indonesia in Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, Davao, Tokyo, and Jeddah.
  7. Student Internship. UPI, managed by DIA, gives the students a chance to experience global internships. The students, from any major and in 6 or 8 semesters, are able to join internship programs overseas, mostly in Southeast Asian countries. In 2020, due to pandemic, there were only two countries (Malaysia and Thailand) that accepted the internship program with 14 participants at the beginning of the year.

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