Visa and Stay Permit Regulation


You will need a student visa index C316 to enter Indonesia in which you can obtain at the nearest embassy or Consular Office of Indonesia in your country. The whole process to get the visa takes 2 months before your arrival in Indonesia. After you submitted the all required documents, Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) will apply your study permit to DIKTI (the Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesia – Jakarta). After it was issued,  DIA will apply your student visa approval to the immigration office in Jakarta. When it was approved, DIA will send you the approval letter and you can start apply student visa at the nearest embassy or consular office of Indonesia in your country (it takes 2 – 5 working days). Please do not book the flight ticket before you got the visa approval notification from DIA.

  1. Report to DIA
    You should come to our office two days after arrival at the latest and please bring your original passport with you.
  2. Report to police
    Within the first 24-hours of your arrival in Indonesia, you must get the STM/STMD (Surat Tanda Melapor Diri – Certificate of Self Report) from the police office nearest your residence. 
  3. Get a domicile letter
    Within a week after of your arrival in Indonesia, you must get a domicile letter from the District Office.
  4. Report to Bandung  Immigration Office
    After you got the STM and Domicile Letter, you should report to Bandung Immigration office to get e-ITAS (electronic-Limited Stay Permit). Report to the immigration office and getting e-ITAS are final steps to do for stay permit regulation.

EPO (Exit Permit Only)

If you wish to leave Indonesia and you will not return, you should apply for the Exit Permit Only (EPO) in the Immigration Office in Bandung ten (10) days before your departure. The following are documents you should prepare:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the Head of Office of International Education and Relations addressed to the Head of the Immigration Office in Bandung
  2. A copy of KTP (Indonesian ID Card) of the sponsor
  3. e-ITAS
  4. Aplication forms
  5. Passport
  6. Copy of Flight Ticket