Closing ceremony of the 9th Batch of SEA-Teacher program


A closing ceremony for the 9th batch of SEA-Teacher program was held on Tuesday, March 3rd 2020 at UPI University Center meeting room.

After finishing this one month program in UPI Lab School Middle School and Pelita Nusantara Elementary School, the six participants will return to their countries. During this program, they have completed several activities including class observation, teaching assistant, and teaching demonstration which they will report in a form of blog at the end of the SEA-Teacher program.

The closing ceremony was attended by the mentors from each field of expertise such as Dr. Rojab Siti Rodliyah (English), Arie Rakhmat Riyadi M.Pd. (Science), and Al Jupri, M.Sc., Ph.D (Mathematics). Not only them, the school representative from Pelita Nusantara elementary school as well as the staffs of P2JK UPI also took part in the event. The ceremony was opened by Mr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, the Head of Office of International Education and Relations (OIER), who congratulated all the participants for finishing the program well.  

Following the opening remarks from Mr. Ahmad, the participants of the event were shown a documentary video of their activities during the SEA-Teacher programs. The students were also given a chance to give testimonials regarding the program itself which were delivered by the representative of each university such as Crystal Jeanne B. Labarda from Central Luzon State University (Philippines), Brian Hu from University of Tsukuba (Japan), and Sirimat Jantarakote from Khon Kaen University (Thailand).

“I am not an education major so I never thought I’d ever had a chance to teach in a formal setting.” said Brian, whose major is Psychology, in his testimonial. He also added that through the SEA-Teacher program, he realizes that people have to show the world how important it is to be a teacher and to influence the students to choose the career path that does not only revolve around money.

Furthermore, in their testimonials Crystal and Sirimat expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to join this program. They also mentioned that they feel honored because the staffs of the office, the teachers in the school, the students, the mentors as well as the buddies are very helpful so that they did not have a hard time adapting with new environment.

The closing ceremony felt warmer as the three mentors gave their evaluations to the six participants. All of them appreciated the six SEA-Teacher participants for giving their best works in doing this program. Moreover, the mentors also hope for the participants’ success in the future.

The event ended with awarding certificates and tokens of appreciation from the Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) to all the participants as well as the buddies from Sahabat OIER that took part as a liaison officer for the six participants during the 9th batch of SEA-Teacher program. (Writer: Neili Bahjah Muhimmah)