Collaboration Between Bekasi Regency Government and UPI’s Faculty of Arts and Design to Implement Higher Education Tridharma and Independent Learning Programs

The establishment of a collaborative agreement between the Bekasi Regency Government and the Faculty of Arts and Design (FPSD) at the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) regarding the Implementation of Higher Education Tridharma in the fields of Education, Research, and Community Service, as well as the application of the Independent Campus Learning Program, represents an effort to achieve Higher Education Key Performance Indicator (IKU) 3. The goal is to enable faculty activities beyond the campus, facilitating engagement in various community-related roles.

“Indeed, the implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been contemplated for quite some time. Thankfully, today it has become a reality. We will discuss action plans with the Bekasi Regency Government, based on the resources at our disposal,” stated Prof. Yudi Sukmayadi.

After the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Bekasi Regency Government and FPSD UPI and the discussion of the draft cooperation agreement, Prof. Dr. Phil. Yudi Sukmayadi, M.Pd., the Dean of FPSD UPI, emphasized these points. The event took place at Sakura Park Hotel & Residence on Deltamas Boulevard No. 5, Bekasi Regency, on Thursday (30/11/2023).

Present at the occasion were UPI’s Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, M.A., FPSD’s Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Trianti Nugraheni, M.Si., and heads of various study programs within FPSD.

Prof. Yudi Sukmayadi stated, “For faculty members, in this collaboration, we will try to support them in obtaining activities outside the campus as experts, such as being speakers. This opportunity extends not only in the field of education but also allows them to act as consultants in various development areas, such as visual branding in government departments and various other activities.”

Moreover, as intended, part of this collaboration’s action plan includes the implementation of the Independent Campus Learning Program. The initiative aims to provide FPSD students with opportunities for off-campus learning. The faculty plans to offer the competencies of these students to relevant departments that have signed collaboration agreements, allowing them to gain experience through internships. The conversion of activities will be supported within the study programs.

“This action plan will be executed as soon as possible. The faculty already has a draft, but it needs to be communicated with the cooperation department. Six study programs are involved, and all of them are set to join various departments in the Bekasi Regency Government,” expressed Prof. Yudi Sukmayadi.

As an example, he further explained, for study programs like Visual Communication Design and Film and Television, collaboration is sought with the Department of Creative Works and Spatial Planning, the Department of Communication, Informatics, Cryptography, and Statistics, as well as the Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises. This collaboration aims for expertise in developing Bekasi Regency’s potential, such as designing product packaging or promoting through websites.

Meanwhile, for Education Programs like Fine Arts Education, Dance Education, and Music Education, collaboration is planned with the Department of Education for the capacity development of art and culture teachers through training or workshops. Music, Film and Television, and Visual Communication Design study programs are part of the performing arts scheme.
Based on these considerations, the Faculty of Language and Literature Education at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), represented by Dr. Ma’mur Saadie, M.Pd., Drs. Encep Kusumah, M.Pd., Dr. Ida Widia, M.Pd., and Yostiani Noor Asmi Harini, M.Hum., organized a training program on Indonesian language editing for young ulama. Most of these young ulama are graduates of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) actively involved in da’wah activities. The training program took place from March to November 2023 in the West Bandung Regency. Editing training was conducted simultaneously, considering the busy schedules of the young ulama, and some sessions were held in a collaborative manner.

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