Collaboration of Ilocos Sur Polytechnics State College Philippines and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia on the READ and SPELL Part II Program

Education is the most essential thing for all people. Therefore, it is important to make programs related to the improvement of education. One of the programs that support the improvement of education is The READ and SPELL Part II program, a collaboration between Ilocos Sur Polytechnics State College (ISPSC), Philippines, and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). The collaboration was marked successfully after Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, M.A as the Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs and Dr. Gilbert R. Arce as the President of ISPSC signed the MoU virtually on March 4th, 2021.

The MoU Signing Ceremony was attended by both parties. The representatives of ISPSC were Dr. Gilbert R. Arce (The President of ISPSC), Dr. Apolo S. Francisco (The Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Gloria D. Tuzon (The Vice President for Research, Extension, and Training), Dr. Corazon Quiteviz (The Vice President for Administration and Finance), Dr. Annabelle B. Francisco (The Internationalization Officer), Dr. Cynthia Carino (The Board Secretary), the presidential staff, and the technical team. Meanwhile, the delegates from UPI consists of Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, M.A. (The Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs), Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D. (The Directorate of International Affairs Director), Dr. Nia Nafisah, S.S., M.Pd. (The Head of International Program Division), Tuszie Widhiyanti, S.Si., M.Pd. (The Head of International Program Development Section). This ceremony was also attended by Dr. R. Boyke Mulyana, M.Pd. (The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Health), Dr. Nandang Rusmana, M.Pd. (The Director of UPI Tasikmalaya Regional Campus), Dr. Sardin, S.Pd., M. Si (The Dean of the Faculty of Science Education), Dr. Iwa Kuntadi, M.Pd. (The Dean of the Faculty of Technical Education and Vocational Science), Prof. Dr. H. Eeng Ahman, M.S. (The Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Education), Dr. Agus Mulyana, M. Hum. (The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Education), the staff of UPI Public Relation Division, and staff of UPI Directorate of International Affairs.

Through the MoU Signing Ceremony, each of the university had its expectations. As for UPI, the collaboration would help to improve educational programs as well as accommodate publications. Furthermore, ISPSC hoped that the READ and SPELL program would support in advancing the development in education so that it could be the benchmark for education in this millennium. Both parties believe that this collaboration will result in a fruitful collaboration. Hopefully, the collaboration and the program meet the expectation well.

F.G. Gani and N. Assyifa