Director of STI UPI: Develop Business Processes and SOPs, Must Involve Applications

The assessment of the Corruption-Free Zone Integrity Zone (ZI-WBK) by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) cannot be separated from the involvement and use of applications. This is because the preparation of Business Processes and SOPs requires the use of applications. Dr. Cepi Riyana, M. Pd., from the Directorate of Information Systems and Technology (STI) at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), emphasized this point during an interview session after conducting UPI Business Process Map Socialization activities and a Workshop on SOP Preparation for work units within UPI. The event was held on Thursday, (16/2/2023) in the 3rd Floor Meeting Room of the University Center Building, located at Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229.

Dr. Cepi stated that “both processes are too difficult and complex to implement without using applications, especially if standard applications such as office tools are used.” One of the involvements of the STI Directorate at UPI in preparing the UPI Business Process Map and SOPs is to support the completion of Enterprise Architecture (EA) for the units. Dr. Cepi explained that “the Smart Management System (SMS) has an Enterprise Architecture (EA) preparation program. To translate the Smart Management System (SMS), the initial milestone must be the Smart Management System Enterprise Architecture (SMS-EA). (SMS-EA) is an application of UPI institutional, organizational and IT architecture that aligns the vision, strategic plan and SOTK as well as technological support, as an indicator of integrated SMS.”

The Regulation of the Minister of Administrative Reform of the State Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) Number. 19 Year 2018 requires the preparation of UPI Business Process Map and SOPs for work units in the UPI environment. “In the process of preparing SMS-EA, it is closely related to the UPI Business Process Map process and the preparation of work unit SOPs in the UPI Environment, and we have launched it,” said Dr. Cepi.

He also mentioned that they have poured the business processes and service types into the application they use, called Spark. “The progress is now complete because it has been programmed since 2021-2022, for the Academic Unit and Student Affairs Unit. However, in terms of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, there is one more part that is incomplete, which is service and research.”

UPI’s current target is to achieve a rating as a Corruption-Free Area in one faculty, namely the Faculty of Social Science Education (FPIPS), which still needs to complete its business processes. “As a leading and outstanding university, UPI must be very concerned about achieving that target. We are doing it slowly, starting with compiling Business Processes and SOPs, which is very urgent to complete,” he concluded.

The event was attended by the Director of the Directorate of STI, Director of the Directorate of Planning and Organization, and the UPI Business Process Map Compilation Team, who were the speakers.