Education Collaboration Between UPI and Iranian Institutions: Fostering Understanding and Advancement

On Wednesday, (7/2/2024), the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) received a visit request from three institutions based in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Al-Mustafa International University, Sadra International University, and Sadra School of Islamic Studies (STAI Sadra).

UPI committed to establishing cooperation in the field of education, particularly in Islamic-based education, starting with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) document.

Welcomed by Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin as the Rector of UPI, along with the Vice-Rector for Research, Business, and Cooperation, Director of the International Affairs Directorate, Deans of the Faculty of Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Engineering and Vocational, as well as other UPI representatives, the signing ceremony proceeded smoothly.

The hope is that the collaboration between the four institutions will proceed smoothly based on the agreement of all parties.

As an initial step in realizing the MoU, a book review entitled “Islamic Education Theory: Qur’anic and Philosophical Foundations” by Prof. Dr. Jamileh Alamolhoda, the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was held. The book review was opened with a brief presentation by Prof. Dr. Hossein Muttaqi, Director of Al-Mustafa International University.

Academics from UPI, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali, also attended to present the results of the analysis of the presented book. Ammar Fauzi Heryadi, Ph.D., from STAI Sadra, concluded the presentation with three key points for dissecting a book: What, How, and Why.

According to the presentations of the speakers, the book, rich in values and mature thought processes, can support more research related to the dynamism of education with the theories offered. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali supported UPI academia to continuously study related theories as practical and relevant educational foundations.

In the future, cooperation between Al-Mustafa International University, Sadra International University, Sadra School of Islamic Studies (STAI Sadra), and UPI can develop according to mutual needs.

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