Empowering Educators: Insights from the BNSP Technical Guidance and Competency Testing at UPI for Level 3 Instructors

In a recent interview, Professor Dr. H. Dadang Sunendar, a distinguished figure in French Language Education at FPBS UPI, shared insights after participating in the Technical Guidance and Competency Testing organized by the National Professional Certification Board (BNSP). The event, designed for Level 3 Methodology Instructors (Trainer Level 3) for lecturers at the Indonesian University of Education (UPI), proved to be more than just a routine workshop. Professor Sunendar highlighted the significance of the workshop in elevating the capabilities of lecturers, introducing them to a diverse range of knowledge on becoming effective instructors, especially at the advanced Level 3.

“This workshop, categorized under KPI 4 in the higher education Main Performance Indicators (IKU), is crucial for our professional development. As a participant and assessor in this event, I’ve witnessed the commitment of all lecturers to acquire at least one additional competency, enhancing their skills and contributing to the overall performance of the university,” he emphasized.

The workshop not only benefits individual instructors but also adds value to the university, reinforcing KPI 4. Professor Sunendar explained that the certification issued by registered Professional Certification Institutions (LSP) ensures that instructors’ work aligns with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI).

“The ultimate goal, as set by assessors, is for qualified lecturers to become exemplary instructors, capable of practically applying the materials provided during the workshop. This, in turn, fosters motivation and enhances skills in teaching, with potential positive impacts on research and community service,” he concluded.

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