Foreigners must pay attention to this before applying for e-VOA

Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA), which was officially opened on November 10, 2022, provides convenience and flexibility to foreign nationals who wish to travel or have business visits to Indonesia. In order for foreigners to be able to apply for e-VOA smoothly, some of the following detailed requirements and application procedures need to be considered carefully. “Based on the information received from the information service and public complaint service team, quite a number of e-VOA applications were hampered because the format of the documents uploaded by the applicants was incorrect. For example, passport biodata page documents must be in image format (JPG/JPEG/PNG), but many upload them in PDF format,” explained the Public Relations Sub-coordinator of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh, Wednesday (14/12/2022).
Achmad appealed to applicants, both foreigners and Indonesian citizens making e-VOA requests, to read the e-VOA information and guidelines listed on the page. In addition to the application guide, the page also provides a list of 86 countries that are e-VOA subjects along with a list of Immigration Checkpoints (TPI) as entry points for e-VOA holders.
“For payment, foreigners can use debit/credit cards bearing the Visa, Mastecard or JCB logo. The card used does not have to be in the name of the applicant, but make sure the card has a 3D Secure System and can be used for international transactions,” he advised. The use of appropriate payment instruments greatly influences the smoothness of the e-VOA issuance process. If the applicant has ensured that the card used is correct but is still experiencing technical problems, the applicant can contact Live Chat or E-Mail to ensure the status of the application and problem resolution procedures.
“Generally, problems with e-VOA payments occur because the applicant’s means of payment has been declined by the bank. According to confirmation from the bank, the causes include incorrect CVV, wrong PIN, card has expired or the previous bill has not been paid. In this case, the applicant will be asked to repeat his application again, “he said.