Faculty of Language and Literature Education


To become a leading faculty in administering language and literature education programs through international-standard management.


  1. To administer language and literary education based on national and international standards in a conducive academic atmosphere in order to implement quality education, carried out by professional educators, and supported by adequate educational facilities;
  2. To conduct various research and development in the field of language and literature education and disseminating innovative research results at national and international levels using a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach;
  3. To develop sciences, applying and utilizing research results in the field of language and literature through community services based on national and international standards for the welfare of humanity; and

  4. To build networks and cooperation with related parties, at regional, national, and international levels, in order to improve the quality of education, research, publications and, community service.

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Bachelor Programs

C0151 – Indonesian Language & Literature Education

This program aims to produce Indonesian language and literary teaching staff who are capable of responding to global challenges.

C0251 – Sundanese Language Education

This program offers local-based courses with the aim to produce professional teachers of Sundanese language and literature.

C0351 – English Language Education

This program offers courses on current theories and practices in English language teaching to qualify students’ competence as future English teachers.

C0451 – Arabic Language Education

This program aims to fostering and developing human resources in the field of teaching Arabic through education, research and community service activities.

C0551 – Japanese Language Education

This program is a pioneer and excels in organizing Japanese language education programs to further national education goals in the face of globalization era.

C0651 – German Language Education

This program prepares graduates to be able to achieve competencies in accordance with level 6 KKNI. This program also prepares graduates to become translators, interpreters, and as linguistic professionals in the field of tourism.

C0751 – French Language Education

Organized within an international standard quality management system, this program administers and develops the teaching of French as foreign language to prepare students as French teachers.

C5051 – English Language and Literature

This program prepares students to have competent English language skills with necessary mastery in applying theories of linguistics, literature, and English-based translation to be able to compete in globalization.

C5151– Indonesian Language and Literature

This program aims to produce graduates with good Indonesian language skills, scientific mastery in the field of linguistics and literature.

C1151– Korean Language Education

The department focuses on the education of Korean language and culture with an international standard Quality Management System

Master Programs

Arabic Language Education

This program aims to furthering the educational qualification and professionality in Arabic teaching. In addition, students are expected to demonstrate communication and critical thinking skills.

English Language Education

Delivered by experts in English language teaching, this program aims to prepare and develop students’ competence and professionalism in dealing with the current issues of EFL teaching and research

French Language Education

This program provides students with new trends and variety of experiences in French language education to expand the students’ view of linguistic and cultural spectrum.

Doctoral Programs

English Language Education

This program aims to enable doctoral students to be well-versed in deep, ground knowledge in English teaching from multi- and inter-disciplined perspectives. Supervised by renowned professors in the field, the students’ research is expected to critically contribute for the betterment of English education in Indonesia.

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