Konan University students come to UPI

Vice Dean of student affairs Faculty of Language and Literature Education, Pupung Purnawarman, M.Ed.S., Ph.D., welcomed Konan University, HIRAO School of Management on Thursday, February 22nd at meeting room 2nd floor of FPBS building.

Konan University was represented by Mr. Roger Palmer as an associated teacher at HIRAO School of management and 7 students from HIRAO School of management. Some lecturers of English language education department, Gin Gin Gustine, Ph.D., Dr. Fazri Nur Yusuf, Nafisah, S.S., M.Pd., and Ernie Diyahkusumaning Ayu Imperiani, S.S., M.Ed. also attended the meeting. The head of Office of International Education and Relation also attended the meeting.

The meeting begins with small talks of their journey from the airport. The students also share about the water in UPI. One of the students said that the water was very cold and hot water in the dormitory would be nice. After a while, each representative start to introducing their selves. Furthermore, the students enjoyed chats with their buddies while listening to Sundanese song played by Katumbiri UPI.

Misaki, one of the students from Konan University said, “I want to make many friends here.”

The agenda of the visitation covered not only the welcoming meeting but also traveling to some tourist attraction in Bandung.