Hyupsung University starts to make several collaboration with UPI

2016-02-02_HSU (1)

Two delegates from Hyupsung University (HSU), South Korea, Prof. Jung Inwhan, Ph.D., and Soo Chul Ko, Ph.D, visited Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) to discuss the technical aspects as a follow-up from the MoU between two parties. In the meeting, the delegates from HSU explained several matters to be agreed, such as Joint Seminars, Korean Language Courses, and Seamaul Studies.

For the Joint Seminars, the seminar will be held in the summer for three days on a biennial basis. It consists of a one-day seminar and a two-day cultural tour. Each party will be able to send two presenters and max. eight visitors. The proceeding of the seminar must be published and the publication need to be printed. The topic of the seminar will be chosen based on public interests.


Meanwhile, the Korean Language Courses and Seamaul Studies (the establishment and management of Seamaul Department) need to be discussed further since they are related to the agreement of the study period and credit equivalence, admission system, and Joint Degree (study transfer in the early of third year + 2 more years for Bachelor Degree).

The meeting was attended by Dean and Vice Dean of Faculty of Language and Literature Education of UPI, the Section Head of International Program Implementation of UPI, and the Head of Korean Language Education Study Program, , and the Head of Public Relations. (Dodiangga)

Photos by Firman
Translated by Monica Prilly Aditya