Poetry exists without boundaries. It is always contextual and universal for every era and nation. Poetry is also a means to get to know and understand the social, political, cultural, and even the history of each country and nation. This understanding will foster mutual respect, empathy, tolerance, and encourage the realization, development, and preservation of human values.
South Korea is one of the countries that is currently becoming an international phenomenon. with what is termed hallyu (Korean wave/ Korean fever). Popular culture, which is industrially produced by South Korea, seems to have permeated life among – especially – young people everywhere. However, the Korean world is not just that. Many other sides are then – one of them – recorded and voiced through poetry. We can observe the recordings and sounds, among others, through the recently published collection of poems, “What is Expected by the Railroad” by Korean poet Moon Changgil. 

This book has been translated through the collaboration of a Korean writer, Kim Young Soo, and an Indonesian writer who is also a lecturer at the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, FPBS UPI, Nenden Lilis Aisyah, published in the Popular Literature of Gramedia, December 2021.

To explore and discuss more deeply the conditions and Political, social, cultural, and historical issues are represented in these poems and how creative collaboration between Indonesia and Korea is made through poetry. The Department of Education and Literature of the Department of Education, FPBS UPI collaborates with the Setanggi Literature Community (Indonesia), the Changjak 21 Literary Group and, the Literary Magazine. Seasonal Changjak 21 (South Korea) held an International Webinar “Indonesia-Korea Creative Collaboration through Poetry”. Will appear as speakers: Dr. Yulianeta, M.Pd (UPI Lecturer, literature expert),
Kim Young Soo, Ph.D (comparative literature expert graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies/HUFS, served as Head of Indonesian Language Broadcasting for the Korean Broadcasting System for 30 years, and recipient of the New Poet Award in Korea); Moon Changgil (Korean poet of the 8O’s Class, Leader of the Changjak 21 Literature and Seasonal Magazine, Head of Dilkot Publishing, and Chair of several other Literary Institutions, recipient of the New Korean Poet Award), and Katherina Achmad, M.Si (writer, painter) ). This event will be moderated by Putu Fajar Arcana (writer and editor of HU. Kompas).
In addition to the presentations and discussions above, this event will also be enlivened by the appearance of poetry musicals by Indonesian poetry musical figures, Ari Kpin, and poetry readings, both by readers from Indonesia and Korea, namely Warih Wisatsana (writer, playwright), Ika Dahliawati (teacher and literacy activist) and Ms. Kim Eunok, Ms. Kim Ariesha, and Ms. Lee Kirin (all three are Korean writers who are also members of Changjak 21).
Those who are willing to attend give remarks at webinar : Prof. Dr. Tri Indri Hardini, M.Pd. (Dean of FPBS UPI), Dr. Isah Cahyani, M. Pd (Head of Indonesian Language and Literature Education FPBS UPI), and Dr. Mahmud Fasya, MA (Head of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, FPBS UPI).

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