Indonesian Language Practice, Kanto International High School Students Visit SRIT

Tokyo, 7 December 2021 — A total of 16 12th grade students of Tokyo Kanto International High School accompanied by two teachers namely Indonesian Language Teacher Tini Kodrat and English teacher Masatoshi Kaneda held a friendly visit to the Indonesian Republic School Tokyo (SRIT) on Tuesday (30/11) . A group of students majoring in Indonesian at the International Senior High School was present in the context of friendship, hospitality and the practice of conversing in Indonesian. Their arrival was enthusiastically welcomed by all 12th-grade students of SRIT accompanied by teachers, namely: Rina Pujaningsih Dyah Kusumaningrum, Rika Meliasari, Tofan Adi Prasetyo and Head of SRIT Saidan.

Taking place in the SRIT hall, the friendly event was filled with various interesting, lively and intimate activities, including a welcome speech from the Head of SRIT Saidan, introduction of the supervising and accompanying teachers who were the present, introduction of students from both schools, playing and singing along with the song Rasa Sayange and the game Switch. Paper, Rock and Scissors.

“Students of Kanto High School also had the opportunity to witness various activities of SRIT students during breaks, pray the zuhur prayer at the Tokyo Indonesia Mosque (MIT) and eat together at the Balai Indonesia canteen on the 1st floor,” Saidan said.

After eating together, grade 12 students from two schools returned to the SRIT Hall to hold a friendly basketball match with the referee for the SRIT Sports Teacher, Akrim Said.

Saidan, welcoming this visit, expressed his welcome to the SRIT campus, welcome to hospitality, friendship and friendship with SRIT students.

“SRIT and Kanto High School are brothers and neighbors who are both considered international schools by the Japanese Ministry of Education,” Saidan told the students.

“Maintaining communication, friendship and friendship between students between schools and between nations is very important for the future of a peaceful and prosperous world.” Saidan added. Representative of the Kanto Tokyo International High School Teacher, Tini Kodrat, in her response appreciated SRIT’s warm welcome and the opportunity for students to practice speaking Indonesian directly and gain experience studying the Indonesian education system and learning community at SRIT.

Meanwhile, the Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, Yusli Wardiatno, when contacted separately, expressed his appreciation for the friendly visit.

“This activity is very positive in terms of education, and has the meaning of diplomacy to strengthen Indonesia-Japan relations. SRIT stands in the middle of the metropolitan city of Tokyo Japan with a strong international community, so it is very relevant and appropriate if the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo always encourages SRIT to provide opportunities and a medium for students to establish friendships and exchange art, culture and universal values of citizens of the world,” said Yusli.

Today’s student friendly visit between the two schools was closed by making a posse when sending the Kano International high-school students and entourage out of the SRIT hall while singing the Sayonara song accompanied by smiles, greetings, greetings, courtesy and courtesy, after previously being handed over to mementos. from the guest school and thanks from the host school [source Kemendikbud]