Indonesian students inspired by Pendidikan University Indonesia Youth won 2nd place in the national KSpeech competition

Shavira Amelia Johan Student of Korean Language Teaching Department of Language and Literature Teaching Pendidikan University Indonesia won second place at the 25th World Korean Speech Contest. The 25th world organized y the Indonesian Korean Speech Association aims to showcase the talents and develop skills of young Indonesians who are interested in the Korean language. This was also acknowledged y Shavira when asked about the reason for participating in the KSpeech World competition.

“I am interested in this contest because I want to gain a lot of experience in the field of Korean language and hone my skills because I am a student majoring in Korean. The Korean Gloal Speech Contest was held on Septemer 11 2021 and ended with the announcement of the winner on Septemer 21 2021. The student who becomes the first winner will get a vacation. In Korea for days and came the representative of Indonesia to with other countries in the world. At the same time, students who won second and third prizes will receive entertainment awards in the form of Korean products.

Shabira has revealed that this is not the first time she has participated in a Korean-related contest. She admitted that she had participated in various Korean-related competitions from the first semester. After that, I  participated in the Korean literature translation competition sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in Indonesia in 2021 and ranked second. When the announcement was made, it turned out that I had actually won 2nd place, and I was really surprised when I heard that and didn’t believe it. The 25th KSpeech World Contest offers a choice of four themes for each participant to choose. The first theme is the steps to spread the Korean language in the global village and develop Korean culture. For this competition, Shavira decided to discuss the first topic because she was interested and had an idea of ​​how to spread the Korean language in the world. The first idea was to increase the number of Korean language contests, even online.