UPI Held a Welcoming Meeting for Konkuk University

On Saturday February 3rd, representatives of Konkuk University from Korea had a visit to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in Bandung. Daejoong Sun, Director of International Affairs office and his coordinator, Tak Il Ho meet with officials of UPI in time.

Mr. Ahmad, Head of International Education and Relations office hosted the meeting followed by other meeting attendants. “Welcome to UPI. Welcome to Indonesia,” said Mr. Ahmad. The meeting begins with small talks of each country’s weather lately.

“I would like to thank you so much for the welcoming. I don’t expect this welcoming actually. But we really thank you for your effort for warm-hearted welcome,” said Mr. Daejoong in the meeting.

After a while, each representative start to introduce each university’s presentation as this meeting is about knowing each university.

Daejoong said that Konkuk Univeristy is recruiting international students, language institute with 6000 international students. Konkuk Univeristy also wants partnership with UPI. Mr. Ahmad also added that UPI has 34.000 students and many partnership with various universities in the world.

“I want you to that probably your students would like to study at Konkuk. Calling international relationships,” said Mr. Daejoong.

The meeting was ended with taking pictures together, souvenirs, and university’s pamphlets being exchanged. All the meeting attendants acknowledged each other and hope that their university may have partnership. (Raden)