Procedure for ITAS and ITAP Extension When Foreigners Abroad During the Covid-19 Handling Period

The extension of a limited stay permit (ITAS) and a permanent residence permit (ITAP) is an important responsibility for foreign citizens (WNA) living and doing activities in Indonesia. However, there are often conditions where the Foreigner is outside the Territory of Indonesia when his/her residence permit is nearing the end of its validity period. So, what is the policy for extending ITAS/ITAP when foreigners are abroad?

 “Based on the current technical guidelines, there is a policy for extending ITAS/ITAP and re-entry permits (MERP) for foreigners who are outside Indonesia. An application for an extension can be submitted by the Guarantor to the immigration office,” said the Head of the Public Relations Sub-Division of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh when confirmed.

 He continued, usually foreigners who extend their ITAS/ITAP must carry out a scanning process (biometrics) and photos at the immigration office. However, in the event that the foreigner is still abroad, the Guarantor needs to submit an application to skip the biometric and photo stages when applying for an ITAS/ITAP extension at the immigration office.

 “Later on, the relevant immigration office will make a request for skipping the biometric process which will be sent to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and forwarded to the Directorate General of Immigration. If all the files are complete, then the ITAS/ITAP will be approved and sent to the immigration office,” he said.

 The conditions that must be met by the Guarantor are as follows:

  1. The guarantor attaches the requirements in accordance with the provisions of the legislation by attaching a photocopy of the passport and proof of exit from the Indonesian Territory
  2. Complete the application without going through the biometric collection process with the approval of the Director General of Immigration
  3. Require the Guarantor to report the arrival of the Foreigner to the immigration office no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of entry in order to carry out the ITAS/ITAP and/or IMK registration.

 “To take care of extending the residence permit for foreigners, the Guarantor can contact the E-Mail or Whatsapp number of the relevant immigration office by attaching the required documents. Applicants can also come directly to the immigration office,” said Achmad.

 Meanwhile, if the foreign guarantor is also not in the Indonesian Territory (generally if the guarantor is husband/wife), then the guarantor can appoint a person in charge. The guarantor must make a power of attorney signed on a seal and sent to a trusted person in charge. Furthermore, the person in charge can take care of the extension of the residence permit by attaching the required documents, identity and power of attorney. source:

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