Shizuoka University Visitation : Extending University Cooperation and Expanding Student Development Opportunities!

Bandung, March 27, 2024 – The Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education (FPMIPA) at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) was honored to host three esteemed representatives from Shizuoka University, Japan. The delegation from Shizuoka University, comprising Professors Norio Matsuda, Makoto Kusakabe, and Koichiro Awai, received a warm welcome from Dr. rer. Nat. Adi Rahmat, M.Si, Vice Dean I of FPMIPA, and Prof. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D., Director of DIA, alongside representatives from both FPMIPA and FPEB at UPI. The purpose of Shizuoka University’s visit was to bolster cooperation and broaden program offerings aimed at enhancing student capabilities through the Sustainable Collaboration in Research and Education program. Additionally, the delegation had the opportunity to tour laboratory facilities and the UPI Education Museum.

This meeting at FPMIPA UPI marked the fifth in a series of gatherings stemming from the ongoing collaboration between the two institutions over the past five years. The partnership between Shizuoka University and UPI seeks to fortify existing cooperation and expand programmatic offerings for students. Shizuoka University will introduce the Creative Science Course, an online program facilitated by instructors directly from Shizuoka University, aimed at enhancing students’ technological proficiency.

UPI, in turn, extends an invitation to students from Shizuoka University to participate in the Industrial Visit Program, enabling them to visit several industrial companies in Indonesia alongside their counterparts from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

Prof. Koichiro Awai, Head of the Department of Biology, elucidated on the availability of scholarships accessible to students, recent graduates, and alumni, supplementing those provided by the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT) and the Asian Bridge Program (ADB) at Shizuoka University.

This meticulously designed program underscores the commitment to fostering robust cooperation and offering diverse activities geared towards augmenting students’ competencies and knowledge in the realm of natural science and technology. (Insany Priandi)

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