South Korean PMA Interests UPI Graduates

So, what is expected is that the first priority is Human Resources or alumni from the Indonesian Education University (UPI), if later the orders continue to increase and cannot be fulfilled, then UPI can recruit from outside to be trained and prepared by UPI. So UPI is the center.
According to the President Commissioner of PT Tchain Digital Innovation South Korea Inseok Choi, he really hopes that UPI can cooperate closely and well with PT Tchain Digital Innovation. UPI is a university that has a Korean Language Education Study Program and a Center for Korean Studies in Indonesia. PT Tchain Digital Innovation will take care of everything with the Korean Government through the Ministry of Manpower in Korea. Meanwhile, UPI can also help complete its administration with several parties in Indonesia regarding licensing and so on.
The statement was made by the President Commissioner of PT Tchain Digital Innovation South Korea Inseok Choi during a discussion with the UPI leadership in the context of exploring the Cooperation Program for Sending Workers to Korea in the Meeting Room of the Partere Building, UPI Campus, Jalan Dr. Setiabudi Number 229 Bandung, Monday (17/10/2022).

He told me that in Korea, when the demand for manpower is high, and the only one who can facilitate it is the Ministry of Manpower, the demand is difficult to fulfill, while the need for manpower is very urgent. So, there are a lot of problems handled by the Ministry of Manpower in Korea, including with Indonesia and in several countries.
“The condition is that there are many Korean companies in South Korea who ask for Indonesian workers to the Korean Ministry of Manpower. In the process, the Korean Ministry of Manpower will ask the Government of Indonesia, in this case, manpower managed by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the process is quite long, it can even take 1 year,” he said.
Currently, he continued, in Korea, by chance, the structure has changed from the change of the president to the bottom, so that there will be changes in the employment sector, which used to be between the government and the government or G to G, now it has been shifted to non-G to G. Our company is an IT company which cares about the human resources needed by Korea.
Affirmed, “Our company created a platform. Later companies in Korea that need their workforce will be sheltered by us on a platform from the company PT Tchain Digital Innovation. We are a PMA from South Korea who is engaged in the IT sector, especially for education and learning.
Previously, we prepared human resources who used to be the workers needed in factories, which could be considered as lower-middle class, he said. So, the next thing that will be managed or handled by us is a high-level workforce, highly skilled human resources with abilities in electronics or other fields needed in the office.
“Essentially, what is being prepared is cooperation to send workers with qualified human resources, whose levels are not ordinary workers, which have been worked on by the government or foreign workers through the G to G (E-9) program in the form of training or training. work is only for one year, but what we want to work on are those who can work for 5 years,” he explained.
It is hoped that this UPI will become a training center, including Korean language training. Later, the placement and delivery will be done by Tchain. Currently, we are arranging it and entering the process of talks between the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Manpower of Korea.
“PT Tchain Digital Innovation will try cooperation opportunities with the Korean Ministry of Manpower. His desire is to no longer send workers from Indonesia from usual companies or the Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company (P3MI). We don’t want P3MI, but we want UPI because UPI has human resources and facilities,” he said.
He emphasized that Tchain wants to collaborate with UPI. His party will submit an application to the Ministry of Manpower of Korea so that the one who recruits, trains and sends workers who has the authority is UPI. We are working on a program not for the short term but for the long term. This is a new program, in Korea no one else has worked on it. We want to pioneer it now with UPI. We ask for the help of the UPI Chancellor and related parties to realize this program.