Student Testimony

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Bouchra Eddraoui, Moroccan KNB Program

I am Bouchra Eddraoui from Morocco. I have recently graduated with a master’s degree from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, department of English Education. I first joined this university in 2016 with the Darmasiswa program which is a one-year non-degree program to learn Indonesian culture and language. Being UPI’s international student was my life-changing experience. I met dozens of other international students from around the world, and I learned about different cultures. The Office of International Education and Relations staff and instructors were friendly, open, and always ready to support in any way inside and outside the campus, which made us feel like home. My positive experience at UPI urged me to apply for a KNB scholarship and take my master’s degree in this university. UPI is an outstanding university in education and is a home for dozens of international students. It is ranked as the best university of education in Indonesia and one of the best universities in Asia. The lecturers and supervisors are highly qualified and supportive. The staff is friendly and helpful. We are given the chance to attend different events, seminars, conferences, which is undoubtedly of great benefit for our personal, academic, and professional growth. I am honored to be one of UPI’s Alumni and if I am given the chance, I would definitely take my Ph.D. at the same faculty.
I extend my special thanks to the head of the Office of International Education and Relations Pak Ahmad Bukhori, the staff at OIER, the head of the English department, the lecturers and supervisors, and every individual working for UPI.

Samee Dumeedae, Thai AIMS Program

At UPI during my exchange student is the most important part of my life’s experiece for perceive multicultural value with locals where they from varied culture. UPI is one of best education unversity to given chance and schorlaship for International students, also UPI is a place where I met people who like sharing education system of each countries to got some ideas to developing my local community.

Belen D. Hernandez, Filipino SEA-Teacher Program

I am truly grateful that the program became the way to meet such amazing people. The program ended and I still can’t believe it. I had mixed emotions that time. I’m happy because soon I will be with my family again but sad because I will have to leave UPI. But, I was full of hope that someday I can return to meet again the people I met in Bandung. I was grateful because I gained a lot of new knowledge, experiences and new friends during my stay in the program. It was destiny that’s why our paths cross and it may drift away for now but someday it will cross again along the way.