The 10th Ambassador of Business Edupreneur 2022

In its 10th year, The Ambassador of Business Edupreneur 2022 carries the theme “Harmonizing Digitalization and Humanities to Accelerate Sustainable Business.” This event was held to accommodate prospective Business Ambassadors at SMA/K and University levels who already have ideas or are even running creative and innovative businesses.

After the SMA/K event which was held on December 3, 2022, went smoothly and successfully, the University level award ceremony on January 12, 2023 was no less successful. At the university level, this event was also jointly held at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB) of the Indonesian University of Education.

This event was certainly attended by invited guests, judges, participants and spectators who joined to enliven the event. The participants seemed to have extraordinary enthusiasm so 38056 participants followed with 56 candidates who were finally selected as winners which were divided into 6 categories with one main category in it, namely the best of the best of the 10th Ambassador 2022 which was won by Amanda Azalia, an Education student Business. Faculty of Economics and Business Education, Indonesian University of Education. Apart from that, there are also several other categories, starting from the Creative And Innovative Business Plan, The Best Digital Startup Business Plan, The Best Digital Marketing, The Best Branding, to The Best Selling.

“So far the event is really cool, because we can all gather here starting from the Business Plan and Running, especially later there will be Business Ambassadors.” said one of the participants who took part in the running business category competition from the University of Indonesia. Not a few of them also feel nervous before the presentation. However, right after they made their presentation, their feelings got better because the preparations they had made had been done as best they could.

In its first decade, The Ambassador of Business Edupreneur 2022 can be said to be successful as well as lively. We hope that in the future more and more students and students who have creative and innovative thoughts in the business field can register themselves and try to take part in this competition because the prizes given to the winners this year are worth a total of 20 million rupiah.