THE 2024 SDG 1



The Central Bureau of Statistics in Indonesia records that the number of poor people in Indonesia reaches 26.16 million people or 9.54% of the total population of Indonesia. The definition of poverty is not being able to meet basic needs in life such as food, health, education, access to clean water and sanitation.

Padjadjaran University takes the role of eradicating the current poverty. UPI has made several efforts, such as providing educational assistance, free medical expenses, business capital and free training to increase business so that the community can grow and develop in the future.

Low income students receiving financial aid

This is the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) number of students in all years and of all programmes that lead to a degree, certificate, institutional credit or other qualification, referring to year 2022.


This is the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) number of low income students who receive significant financial aid because of poverty. The number should refer to year 2022.

Number of student
Number of low income students
receiving financial aid

University anti-poverty programmes

The Regulation of Rector No. 003 in 2022 regulated the total tuition fee based on parents’ income.

Himpunan Peraturan dan Keputusan Rektor UPI


The housing is provided by the University where it costed lower than regular cost. 


Community anti-poverty programmes