The Global Opportunity of Addressing Rising Temperatures is the topic of an international webinar hosted by DIA UPI.

The series of events for the 67th anniversary of the University of Education Indonesia is still ongoing until Wednesday (10/11/2021), with an international-scale webinar with the theme “The Global Opportunity of Addressing Rising Temperature.” Webinar moderated by Dr. This Paramitha beta presents Kurt Shickman as Executive Director of the Global Cool Cities Alliance. The theme of this Webinar discusses the development of global temperature conditions and other environmental issues. Kurt divides this environmental issue into five main topics, namely: Brief introduction, The Global Challenge of Rising Temperatures, Cooling Strategic, Why invest in cooling strategies, and Programs and Policy Overview.
With these five topics, Kurt said that the issue of global warming is a very complex and serious issue, so a strategy for handling it with the help of investors and government policies is needed to increase the effectiveness of handling global warming in various ways, such as using solar cells for electricity to green roof tops. for existing buildings.
Prof. Dr. H. Adang Suherman, M.A Vice Chancellor for Research, International, Cooperation, and Business. also present on this occasion. Foreign participants from Malaysia, Pakistan, America, and South Africa were also present at the event organized by the UPI Directorate of International Relations. At the end of the event, Ahmad Bukhori, Ph.D as the head of the UPI’s directorate of international relations stated that with the global warming phenomenon that has become the world’s concern, the public must apply awareness of it.