To be proud of: Indonesian University of Education Students Created a Clothing Swap Website as a Solution to the Impact of Consumer Behavior

The Indonesian University of Education’s Student Creativity Program Team (PKM-K) created a clothing swap website called Sicloo (Circular Clothes). This website was created based on the Sicloo team’s concern about the consumptive behavior of society, especially women in Indonesia, which has an impact on environmental damage. The team is chaired by Ocktapiana Aulia (Digital Business 2019) with members Lili Latifah (Entrepreneurship 2019), Carin Manisha Putri (Digital Business 2019) and Benyamin Hartanto (Digital Business 2019) and accompanied by Supervisor Adam Hermawan S.Kom MBA Sicloo Innovation initiated
the circular economy concept with the tagline buy clothes with clothes. On this website, women in Indonesia can exchange the clothes they have and stockpile in their wardrobe with the clothes in the Sicloo warehouse or available on the Sicloo website. Sicloo customers also don’t need to worry about the quality and hygiene of the clothes they receive, because this business uses double verification, namely online and offline verification.
Sicloo has special standards in verifying clothes such as a minimum purchase price, minimum damage/defects in clothing in terms of material or color. Customers who wish to exchange their clothes can visit the sicloo website at Sicloo also helps promote the 12 SDGs Responsible Consumption and Production, it is hoped that with this website based on mobile apps it can reduce the consumption of women in Indonesia.
The success of Sicloo’s business is evidenced by the cooperation offer made by Sicloo and 4 franchise partners in the city of Tasikmalaya, so that customers can exchange their clothes directly at Sicloo’s franchise partners. These partners include; (1) Chic Fashion which is on Jl. Dadaha Tasikmalaya; (2) Mrs. Shop Hj. Ida Hidayat, who is on Jl. Tasikmalaya Lightning; (3) Jims Honey Tasikmalaya which is located on Jl. Cigeureng Tasikmalaya and Vaisecond brand on Jl. Ciroyom Tasikmalaya.
Sicloo’s website product succeeded in obtaining entrepreneurial funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) in the 2022 Student Creativity Week in Entrepreneurship and became a participant in the 35th National Scientific Week (PIMNAS), University of Muhammadiyah Malang 2022.