UPI Again Wins Informative Public Agency Category

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 in Tangerang City is history repeating itself again, namely the success of UPI as a PTN which is a Public Agency with the INFORMATIVE category. This award was received directly by the Secretary of the University as well as the Main PPID of UPI Prof. Dr. H. Memen Kustiawan, SE., Ak., CA., M.Sc., M.H and Head of the UPI Public Relations Office Deni Darmawan. The Public Information Openness Award was held by the Central Information Commission of the Republic of Indonesia in a hybrid manner and was attended by Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Mahfud Mahmodin, S.H., S.U., M.I.P as Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security of the Republic of Indonesia.
In addition, the awarding ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of PPPA, Chairman of the Indonesian KPU, Governor of Central Java Province, Governor of Aceh, Governor of South Sulawesi Province; Governor of Riau Archipelago Province; Governor of East Kalimantan Province; Head of Depom; Head of LAN-RI; Head of Central KIP Donny Yoesgiantoro, Secretary of Central KIP Mr. I Gede Narayana and all members of the Commissioners and all officials of the Ministry of Information and Communication, Chancellors and invited guests from various important elements at the national level. The event, which was held at the Atria BSD Serpong Hotel, Tangerang, went lively and presented all public institutions that had participated in KIP Monev activities consisting of 372 public bodies.
Several categories of Public Agencies that have participated in the Public Information Openness Monev are divided into 7 Categories, which include: (1) Provincial Ministries; (2) State Institutions; (3) Non-Ministerial Government Institutions; (4) Nonstructural Institutions; (5) State Owned Enterprises; (6) State Universities; (7) Political Parties. The KIP Monev evaluation is carried out on 5 qualifications, which include (a) Informative with a score range of 90 to 100; (b) Towards Informative with a score of 80 to 89.9; (c) Quite Informative with a score of 60 to 79.9; (d) Less Informative with a score between 40 to 49.9; (e) Not Informative with a score below 39. In 2022 the KIP Monev results will improve and the score for the qualifications achieved by the seven categories of public bodies will increase, with a total of 122 Public Bodies or around 32.79%. This achievement demonstrates the achievement of the 2022 RPJMN target of 98 Public Bodies that fall into the Informative category regarding the level of Compliance.
This appreciation is given as a form of appreciation for the COMMITMENT of all Public Agency leaders who carry out information disclosure regarding all services in their respective fields in upholding the contents of Law no. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure in Indonesia and a concrete form of commitment from the government side. This is the content of the information disclosure law, in which public institutions are highly emphasized to be informative in carrying out their services to the public.