UPI Campus in Tasikmalaya Inaugurates New Elementary School Pilot Building and Mosque

Chancellor of the Indonesian University of Education Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd, along with the Deputy Chancellors and University Secretaries within the Indonesian University of Education inaugurated the Labschool school building and Campus Mosque on the Tasikmalaya Campus.

The event began with an opening speech by the Head of BPS Dr. Prayoga Bestari, M.Si said that with the inauguration of this new school building, it is hoped that in the future Labschool will be even more advanced and better. For now the cost of constructing this building uses the cost of the students’ tuition fees. The construction of the Labschool building took about one year.

On the same occasion, UPI Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin said that with this new school building, in the future, Labschool will have more achievements and will have more enthusiasts for the surrounding community.

At the same time there was also the inauguration of the campus mosque which was a grant from the Alemar Foundation which provided assistance in the form of building a campus mosque. The Al Emar Foundation is a foundation engaged in da’wah, social education, building places of worship, etc. So when this foundation provided assistance to build worship facilities for UPI it was very welcomed by the Tasikmalaya Campus Leaders.

Prof. Dr. Nandang Rusman, M.Pd in ​​his remarks expressed his gratitude for the grant provided by the Al Emar foundation. It is hoped that after the existence of this campus mosque it can encourage students to be more active in religious activities. Maybe in the future the usual tutorials will be very useful.

In the future, this new campus mosque will be used by students for various activities. As for some UKM engaged in the field of Islamic religion will become administrators of the mosque. So that in the future all student activities will continue to be in the mosque.

The Chancellor of UPI expressed his happiness with the assistance of building this mosque. The existence of this new mosque building will encourage students to be even more active. Moreover, the lake is known as the City of Santri. So it is very possible that there will be many Hafidz and Hafidzhahs who can be proud of UPI’s name.

After the entire series of events was completed, it was immediately closed by cutting the ribbon as well as inaugurating the mosque building and there was also a look at all the new conditions of the mosque building. The current condition of the mosque has become very comfortable and wider.