UPI Capital in Scoring Achievements at XX Papua PON 2021

Bandung, UPI – There are several things that become the main capital for UPI students as athletes for the West Java Contingent. This capital greatly influenced UPI students to fight hard to get medals at XX Papua PON 2021.

“The main key is togetherness to get achievements in PON. The second is a winning mentality, the desire to win is very strong so that they are not tempted by non-technical things such as bribes or kickbacks,” said the Dean of the Faculty of Sports and Health Education, Dr. Rd. Boyke Mulyana, M.Pd, Friday (22/10/2021).

According to Boyke, UPI students fight on behalf of West Java because they were born, grew up, studied, and lived in West Java. So, they must be enthusiastic and fight hard for the province of West Java. Strong determination and motivation as the foundation so that they can focus on achieving goals.

According to him, the efforts that will be made by UPI are to maintain consistency in winning medals at the next PON event, such as evaluating athletes and administrators, preparing talent scouting carefully, and facilitating the needs of the successors.

Boyke hopes that UPI athletes who have fought for West Java can strengthen the national team, and even go international. In order for this hope to be realized, special attention is needed from the government to UPI.

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