Students of the Fashion Design Education Study Program with a concentration on FPTK Design, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia class 2019 held an exhibition of clothing that was held at the Mall BEC (Bandung Electronic Center) Ballroom. This event was held on Saturday (25/06/2022).
Carrying the theme Mythology: A Mythical Fashion Exhibition, this event focuses on exhibiting 16 works by students of the UPI Fashion Education Study Program which are identical to mythological stories from various parts of the world, including Indonesia, Lithuania, Egypt, China, and various other countries.

The theme of Mythology is also an arena for displaying works where a mythology is represented in the form of clothing that spoils the eyes of the visitors. Including the mythology of our own homeland, namely Leak which comes from the island of Bali.

Not only displaying fashion works, this event was also lively with several other interesting displays including makeup demos, talk shows, and contemporary dance performances from an external party, Label.Us.

This event is predicted to be the culmination of the design project course. As stated by the Chief Executive of Mythology, Dwiki Ariyana. “The background is from the design project course, so this event is the culmination of the design project course.” Oriented in increasing the experience of students to display their design work, it is hoped that it will be useful for their opportunities to become designers in the future.

Dr. Winwin Wiana, S. Pd, M. Ds as the head of the S1 Fashion Design Study Program said that the result he wanted to achieve from this activity was to gain the courage of students to appear and be creative, as well as to provide opportunities for students to become designers.

This event is expected to be a place for Fashion Design students to improve their competence, especially in designing. (Nabiilah and Anies, 2019 UPI Public Relations Contributors)