Friday (5/11) UPI held the International Distinguished Scholar Webinar Series World Class University, a series of international-scale webinars as part of the celebration of the 67th UPI Anniversary. This second webinar series carries the theme “Mixed Methods Today” which is filled directly by a mixed method’s expert, Prof. John W. Creswell. This webinar activity was held virtually through the Zoom Meeting application and the TVUPI DIGITAL YouTube channel starting at 09.00-10.30 WIB.

The webinar, which was attended and witnessed by at least 1,400 participants from various countries, was guided by Cep Ubad Abdullah, M.Pd. as host or Master of Ceremony (MC). At the beginning of the event, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D., as the Director of the Directorate of International Affairs (Directorate of International Affairs) gave a speech. Then continued by the Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Didi Sukyadi, M.A who represented the Chancellor of the Indonesian Education University, in giving a speech and a sense of honor for the presence of Prof. John W. Creswell in a webinar hosted by UPI.

Prof. John W. Creswell as a speaker on the webinar moderated by Prof. Fuad Abdul Hamied, M.A., Ph. D. In his presentation, Prof. Creswell conveyed three main points, starting from explaining what mixed methods is as a research approach to the steps to conduct mixed methods research properly. In addition, Prof. Creswell also conveyed the importance of mixed methods as a methodology that allows researchers to combine qualitative and quantitative data, explore further from qualitative and quantitative data, and finally help researchers get funding and publications for using and developing new methodologies.

Towards the end, the event continued to a question and answer session where Prof. Creswell answered various questions posed by webinar participants through the sli.do website. The World Class University Webinar Series with the theme Mixed Methods Today was closed with a session of giving an appreciation certificate to Prof. John Creswell as speaker and Prof. Fuad Abdul Hamied, M.A., Ph.D. as a moderator. The certificate was given virtually by Mr. Ahmad Buchori Muslim, Ph.D., as Director of the Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) UPI.