UPI International Office

UPI International Office (UIO) is a department within Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) that is responsible for managing international programs and partnerships. The UIO serves as a central hub for UPI’s international collaborations, initiatives, and engagements. The office is headed by a Director who oversees a team of professionals that work together to enhance UPI’s international presence and reputation.

One of the main objectives of the UIO is to facilitate student mobility programs, such as student exchange, study abroad, and internship programs. The UIO works closely with UPI’s faculties and departments to provide opportunities for UPI students to gain international experience and exposure. The UIO also collaborates with partner universities and institutions around the world to bring international students to UPI, offering them a unique learning experience in Indonesia.

In addition to student mobility programs, the UIO also manages various international research collaborations and partnerships. The office actively seeks out and establishes partnerships with international universities and institutions, encouraging joint research projects, joint publications, and joint seminars and conferences. These collaborations help to expand UPI’s research capabilities and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The UIO also plays a crucial role in promoting UPI’s internationalization agenda. The office works to increase UPI’s international visibility and reputation through various outreach and marketing initiatives. The UIO actively participates in international education fairs, conferences, and seminars to showcase UPI’s academic programs and research expertise. The office also produces marketing materials, such as brochures and videos, to promote UPI’s international programs and initiatives.

Overall, the UIO is a vital department within UPI that is responsible for managing and enhancing the university’s international programs, partnerships, and collaborations. Through its various initiatives, the UIO provides opportunities for UPI students, faculty, and staff to gain international experience and exposure, while also promoting UPI’s international reputation and standing in the global education community.