MoU Implementation

The scopes of cooperation stated on MoU are quite similar from one MoU to Others. At least, there are five scope of cooperation signed by UPI and partner university in other countries. They are (1) visiting professor; (2) join research; (3) joint seminar; (4) joint publication; and (5) exchange of students and faculty members.

The duration of MoU is usually five years after the signing MoU. Thus, we can formulate the template of MoU in those five years which will make all cooperation plans can be implemented gradually, directionally, amd continuously. The followings are some description of MoU in realizing the cooperation from the first year until the last.

Visiting Professor

On the first year, we start implementing the cooperation with partner overseas university by inviting lecturers specializing on our interest material.

Joint Research

On the second year, after meeting with the experts from partner, we start to formulate the joint research. A researcher team may not the attending person when the visiting, but the lecturers in a faculty/department/ who are the members of a team that has the interest in conducting the research.

Joint Seminar/Workshop/Conference

On the third year, after conducting joint research, we are inviting the members of research team to present the result in seminar, workshop or joint conference forum. Some other lecturers can be included to be presenter on the agenda.

Joint Publication

On the fourth year, after conducting seminar, workshop or conference, the best works are selected to be published on joint publication.

Exchange of Students and Faculty Members

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On the fifth year, the students and the lecturers are informed about some student and faculty member exchanges. The students and lecturers can make various planning relating to their participations in some students and faculty member exchange. If there are some sponsors funded their participation, they will be more ready to attend the agenda, but if there are not any sponsors, the students and lecturer should prepare any needs.