UPI Prepares to Optimize Excellent Public Openness

The Chancellor of the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) Prof. Solehuddin, M.Pd., M.A. said that “Openness of public information is a necessity for UPI.” The statement was made following the success of the Indonesian Education University (UPI) in winning the “Informative” category in the Public Agency Information Disclosure Award organized by the Central Information Commission (KIP) online (26/10/2021).

He emphasized that UPI is a public institution so that information disclosure is a duty and obligation that needs to be completed. UPI has the responsibility to publish “Any information that deserves to be published”, continued Solehuddin.

Regarding the award above, Solehuddin explained that “The award is only a consequence, what is important is how UPI as a public institution (can) carry out these duties and obligations.”

Meanwhile, UPI managed to get a score of 91.57. This achievement has increased because last year UPI only touched a score of 73.80. The score was successful in making UPI win the best award which is also the highest achievement ever obtained by UPI.

However, UPI does not want to be complacent. As revealed by the Head of Public Relations of UPI, Prof. Deni Darmawan, M.Sc., that “There are still tasks that need attention so that UPI is able to increase public information disclosure.” Deni targets that UPI will be able to get a high score in the next few years.

To achieve this target, the Chancellor of UPI emphasized the importance of honesty. “Integrity in every unit must be built,” concluded Solehuddin. Each unit needs to “Improve ourselves, clean ourselves up so that we can appear as figures of integrity”, he continued. Thus, it is hoped that information disclosure can run more optimally.