Eleven international students have completed one month teaching practicum in Bandung

Bandung, UPI


“The more we live, the more we love”. Three representative international students said their sad farewell in “A Farewell Ceremony of SEA-Teacher Project 2017” at Bumi Siliwangi Building, Campus of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, Friday (10/2). A total of eleven (11) international students have undergone challenging experiences yet meaningful while doing teaching practices in the three UPI’s partner schools: Kidsville School (Gymschool, Playschool, and Kindergarten) Bandung; SMP Labschool UPI Bandung; and Pelita Nusantara School Bandung.

They were very impressed by Indonesian’s warmth, its culture and especially its tasty food. “We really appreciate your kindness. Being here for a month is an unforgettable moment especially when we visited Alun-Alun Bandung, Kawah Putih and Angklung Saung Udjo. Riding angkot or motor makes me feel at home. And Indonesian food is enak bangettt” said Michelle Lopez, a student from University of San Jos- Recoletos, the Philippines who has done teaching practices in Kidsville School, Bandung.

Tears started streaming down when Miriam, a student from Far Eastern University, gave her tearful speech. Although it would be their last meeting, she hoped they could still keep in touch.  The other student from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Thailand, Wittawat, thanked the supervisors, the mentors, Sahabat OIER, and all of the staff for taking care of them, sharing their knowledge about Indonesia as well as teaching methods and how to manage classrooms. He said that he felt so lucky because he could come here to gain experiences in being a good teacher.

The eleven international students also got acknowledgments. Ms. Nita, a representative of Pelita Nusantara School Bandung, said “Congratulations to all of you who have done the project so well. Hopefully, this experience will be beneficial to you as a professional teacher. Have a safe trip!” Furthermore, Handi Gunawan -the supervisor from English Education Department- and Dr. Vannesa Gaffar –the head of Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) – hoped this project will be continued and many students will be more attracted to join this project. “It is a great pleasure to have you all SEA-Teacher project here in Bandung, one of the famous tourism cities. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and hope all good things you’ve experienced will erase it” said the head of OIER.

“I’m happy to hear all the good things from you, SEA-Teacher students. This project is the way to build a bigger family with ASEAN as the home and we are the members. Well, it is only one thing from so many things you want to do in your life. Hopefully, your valuable experiences here will add your foundation as a good teacher. Give my regards to your family!” said Prof. Dr. Didi Suherdi, M.Ed. In addition, he also said that the evaluation of this project will be held in the Philippines on March 28th.

As the PIC of SEA-Teacher Project, Dr. Didi closed the farewell as well as the SEA-Teacher Project 2017 by quoting Rumah Makan Padang’s motto, “If you find something you do not like, tell us. If you find something you like, tell others” – If you dislike something from UPI, tell us. But if you find something from UPI, tell others-.

By Rifa Rahmania Syarifah


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