UPI Stove SAR Robot Team Ready to Compete at the KRI 2022 National Level

The 2022 Regional Level Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) which was held online officially ended Saturday (11/6). KRI 2022 competes in 6 (six) divisions, namely: Indonesian ABU Robot Contest (KRAI); Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (KRSRI); Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Wheeled; Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Humanoid; Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI); and the Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI).

KRI 2022 will be held in stages. Starting from the stage of sending proposals from prospective KRI participating teams. Teams that pass the First Stage of Proposal Selection will follow the Second Stage of Selection. In this Second Stage of Selection, each team will show their robot appearance online, by sending a video of its appearance and/or displaying its robot live online via video conferencing. The second stage of selection is the Regional Level Indonesian Robot Contest, to select a robot team that will be invited to attend in person/offline at the 2022 Indonesia Robot Contest at the National Level which will be held offline at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya on 29 June – 3 July 2022 The

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (KOMPOR UPI) Automation and Robotics Enthusiastic Student Community (KOMPOR UPI) sent their robot team to take part in this most prestigious robot competition. In this event, the UPI KOMPOR robot team sent two teams, namely the ISOLAR team (KRAI division) and the ISOLA_LIO team (KRSRI division).

At the KRI Region II level yesterday, it is very unfortunate that the KOMPOR UPI robot team of the KRAI division represented by the ISOLAR team has not succeeded in qualifying for the National level. Nevertheless, the ISOLA_LIO team managed to pass the KRSRI Division (Indonesian Search and Rescue Robot Contest) to the national level.

From June 29 to July 3, the KOMPOR UPI SAR robot team is ready to carry out KRI at the national level at the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS). After preparations for yesterday’s regional contest, the KRSRI division is ready to compete on the national level. According to Zahirul, the head of the KRSRI team, “The ISOLA_LIO Robot Team will hopefully be able to compete with top robot teams such as ITS, PENS, and ITB at the national level”.

Keep the spirit of the UPI KOMPOR robot team, hopefully the KRSRI ISOLA_LIO team can achieve achievements at the KRI at the National level and can make the good name of the University of Education Indonesia.

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