UPI Student Achievements: Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat Becomes a Delegation of the International Movement (IM) Program in Turkey

Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat, a 2021 student majoring in Psychology, Faculty of Education (FIP) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia succeeded in becoming a delegate in the International Movement (IM) program organized by Student Leadership Academy (SLA). Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat is the youngest student among the other delegates participating in the IM program.

This program brings together the best Indonesian youth from various disciplines to synergize and collaborate with each other. This series of program activities also aims to develop and improve potential, academic abilities and critical thinking as well as hone social sensitivity on a global basis.

The activity was attended by hundreds of registrants, as many as 23 youths from all over Indonesia passed the IM program in Turkey. This activity is one of the SLA programs for students who have high enthusiasm to contribute. The selection process goes through 2 stages, namely administrative selection and interviews. In its implementation, the delegates must present ideas and what contributions will be made during and after completing the entire program series.

Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat participated in the International Movement (IM) program on 22-29 January 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. During the IM program, various activities have been followed, namely in the development program in the field of scientific work in the form of conferences, social forums, social projects and visits. Departure to Turkey with Qatar Airways for 1 day went smoothly without a hitch. After transiting in Doha, Qatar, immediately continued the flight to the Turkish airport.

On January 23, 2022, all delegates and program committees arrived in Istanbul and arrived at the Aya Sofya Deluxe Hotel Inn. The second day immediately carried out activities according to the planned agenda, namely Istanbul City Tour activities. On the third day, all delegates were challenged to carry out a social project in the form of a challenge to use transportation and go to historical places. The fourth day was the Istanbul Society Experience in the form of having to interact with the Turkish community including traders, adult men, women, children and the elderly. The fifth day was a visit to the International Student Association, namely Turkuaz, Mihmandar and Uskudar. The sixth day of conference activities, the 7th day is the farewell party and the next day getting ready to return to the country.

Together with the entire Indonesian delegation team, Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat attended visits to several Turkish international institutions, namely Turkuaz, Mihmandar and Uskudar Genclik Merkezi and the last was the Istanbul tour. The places visited in the tour are Haghia Sophia, Blue mosque, Taksim Square, Bosphorus, Fatih Camii (Tomb of Muhammad Al Fatih), Eyup Camii (Tomb of Abu Ayub Al Ansari), Galata Tower, Gulhane Park and Constantinople Fort (Nafilah Hamasah Muslimat/Humas UPI)

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